Welcome to Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP”. We invest in various successful projects and work in different areas such as energy, food industry, construction, security services and corporate management.

Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” is an ambitious, fast developing company that invests in different market sectors involving Russian and foreign investors. Our main areas are energy, food industry, construction, security services, and corporate management. We deal with the most promising projects and start-ups.

Investment and Industrial Group proves its name – MAXIMOS GROUP always works to the maximum extent, aims at maximum results and has the highest possible reliability and efficiency.

Our main goals:

  • Strengthen leading positions of the Group and its companies in diverse industries such as energy, manufacturing, construction, and security services
  • Create and develop stable and profitable business projects
  • Be competitive in corporate management and manufacturing technologies
  • Employment growth due to new jobs
  • Improve working conditions and raise the standard of living
  • Meet ecology standards, and promote environmental management practices

Our relations with our partners and clients are based on mutual respect and interest. We value our reputation and always justify the trust our partners and clients place in us.

Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” has a great work experience within different activities, highly qualified personnel and is always ready for new joint projects.

Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” is developing very fast; it’s on the top ten list of the most developing companies in the region. We are going to keep it this way, that’s why we invite potential partners and clients as well as professionals to cooperate with our fast-growing company.

More energy!


Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” has a great work experience in energy sphere and makes investments in the most promising market sectors. Our goal is to make a comprehensive approach to introduction of advanced solutions for energy saving areas and infrastructure updating mainly based on the energy service.

MAXIMOS GROUP renders all types of energy services with traditional high quality. We invite qualified professionals as we value our reputation.

Company activities in energy sphere are:

*      Energy audit

*      Engineering

*      Consulting

*      Investment attraction

*      Energy saving

Energy audit

According to the Federal law № 261 “On Saving Energy and Increasing Energy Efficiency, and on Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” since January 1, 2013 all enterprises, state-financed and municipal organizations are obliged to have an energy certificate issued after energy audit. Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” has a relevant experience, skills, methods, and techniques to conduct every stages of an energy audit regardless the difficulty level.


MAXIMOS GROUP provides engineering activities for the most efficient and complex service rendering in the energy service area.


Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” has a wide range of consulting services in the energy service area. Our Group’s activity is defined by an individual approach, unique technological, practical and theoretical groundwork.

Investment attraction

MAXIMOS GROUP invests in the most promising projects based on the long-term experience and a wide range of available financial instruments.

Energy saving

Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” offers the most advanced complex solutions for development of programs and implementation of energy saving plans.

Together we can do more!

Food industry

Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” takes an active part in development and support of the most important and promising lines of the industry and competitive recovery of Russian manufactures both in the domestic and foreign markets.

Company invests considerable financial resources in promising production and has plans to do so in the future also.

Food industry is one of the most attractive investment areas for MAXIMOS GROUP.

MAXIMOS GROUP has already implemented several successful investment projects in the food industry, for instance, Dvortsi Company that produces and sells mineral and drinking water, marketed under brand names such as “Dvortsi” and “Okololuga”.

Company is ready to share it’s knowledge for implementation of investment potential, realization of promising projects and innovative developments to the market, and it is open for cooperation in the field of joint investment and commercial projects.

Building prospects!


MAXIMOS GROUP besides investing is engaged in construction of buildings and facilities for various economy sectors including food industry, and acts as a general contractor and offers project management services.

Construction of buildings and facilities of different functionality and complexity using metal structures is the most important activity for Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP”.

Qualified and trained personnel, up-to-date construction techniques and facility management make it possible for MAXIMOS GROUP to achieve high performance in construction area and to manufacture and assemble metal structures at short notice without sacrificing quality.

Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” constructs both pre-fabricated buildings and facilities, and structures based on classic construction techniques.

Main activities of the Group in this area are:

*      Construction of hangars

*      Construction of logistic centers

*      Construction of shopping malls

*      Construction of pre-fabricated buildings


Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” manufactures and assembles hangars for different purposes.

According to the modern construction terminology, hangars do not mean just airdrome facilities for aeronautical engineering; the usage of metal hangars is much wider – from industrial facilities and stores to malls and business centers.

Logistic centers

Important activity of the Group is designing and constructing stores and logistic centers, skeleton-type buildings. All work is done according to individual designs (there are no typical designs for such facilities) taking into account local area characteristics, weather conditions, and facility functions.

Shopping malls

One of the main characteristics of shopping mall construction is a deadline linked to the preplanned opening date. That’s why MAXIMOS GROUP guarantees high quality of work at all project stages as well as meeting deadlines for construction and facility commissioning.

Guarding your peace!

Security services

Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” renders services for different economy sectors including security services.

Group gives consultations regarding unauthorized access and protection against unlawful conduct, and provides the following:

*      Manned guarding any of complex facilities

*      Security control panel and monitoring

*      First response to the alarm signals

*      Guarding properties and housing estates

*      Fire monitoring

*      Design, assembly, and startup of alarm and fire warning systems

*      Consulting in the sphere of safety and guarding

*      Maintenance of security systems

Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” has a great experience in rendering security services, and guarantees a high level of protection and safety of consigned facilities.

Qualification of experts, their accountability and professional competence are essential for security services. That is the reason why our group pays extra attention to security personnel, timely advanced trainings, and improvement of security methods and safety techniques.

Our work principles for this market sector are an individual approach to a client, decency and goodwill of employees, total confidentiality and high quality of services.

The Art of Management

Corporate management

Economy trends of the modern Russia lead to establishment of big holding companies that unite many companies often from different market sectors.

Managing many companies being a part of holding companies can be very difficult sometimes due to the lack of a legal base and experience in corporate management.

Approach of Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” to rendering business management services is based on practical knowledge of the employees and broad theoretical base that is filled constantly with cutting-edge knowledge of the corporate management area.

Up-to-date technologies are adapted to certain companies, which favor company development, raise of work efficiency and solving planned tasks:

*      Overall analysis and elaboration of guidelines for improvement of corporate management quality

*      Impartial review of company performance

*      Elaboration of development program

*      Improvement of strategic planning and control

*      Promotion of upgrading manufacturing resources

*      Efficient distribution of fund flows within a company

*      Separation of powers between management personnel of different levels

*      Creation and improvement of corporate culture

*      Personnel training and creation of management personnel potential

Participation of our specialists in different trainings aimed at improvement of corporate management in Russia and abroad contributes to experience and competence growth in the field of corporate management.

Succeed with us!


Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” is proud of its engineering developments, successful projects, quality work, good reputation, stability, and positive growth. But our biggest pride is our personnel.

MAXIMOS GROUP, in the first place, is people who contribute to our success. We appreciate employees, future and present, who are active and ambitious, competent and making progress, experienced and ready to improve with us.

Working in our company means stability, confidence in the future, adequate salary, big opportunities for professional growth and rise in one’s career.

We would like our employees to be initiative and creative, striving for development and success.

If you are confident, responsible, and ready to use your potential to solve big tasks, you’ll like working with us. Join our team!


The choice of leaders? It’s us!

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Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” is always ready to collaborate on issues of different sectors. We are open to the discussion of possibilities for realization of joint investment projects in the field of energy, food industry, construction, security services, and corporate management as well as investment in promising start-ups.

We offer you mutual beneficial cooperation, experience, and necessary skills for investment and work in certain market sectors, opportunity to participate in big projects.

We collaborate both with Russian and foreign investors and companies.

Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” has a great experience of successful investing in different market sectors: energy, food industry, construction, security services and corporate management. Some of our successful projects are:

*      Dvortsi Company is a dynamically developing company in Russia. Main activity is production and sales of mineral and drinkable water.

*      InterErgo Energy Supply Company is a management company in the field of consulting services for solving problems related to optimization of energy efficiency of the used energy resources.

*      Acqua Organic Company – successful start-up – is a company delivering drinkable and mineral water in Moscow and Moscow regions.

Collaboration with Investment and Industrial group “MAXIMOS GROUP” is reliable and beneficial.

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